Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Who are the public and private subjects that study, use or produce Artificial Intelligence solutions in Italy?

With “Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem” we want to map the Italian producers and users of AI solutions (startups, companies, public and private research entities, Public Administrations, etc.), to facilitate the construction of relationships, the sharing of knowledge, and allow Italy to have the size of its strengths in the field of AI.

If you know of anyone in Italy that is currently developing or using AI solutions please forward them the link to this survey to help us mapping the AI ecosystem in the country.

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In addition to producing the material accompanying the “White Paper IA”, the information collected will serve to populate a public database and a dynamic map that will be soon released.

In the meantime, we started with some reports that allowed us to create a first mapping.*

Mappa dell'Ecosistema IA in Italia

Given the speed with which the AI sector is evolving, the ecosystem is to be considered evolving.

The mapping of the ecosystem collects the realities reported by the subjects participating in the survey, the presence inside the mapping does not represent any form official certification by the Agency for Digital Italy.

For any amendments or changes to the current mapping please send an email to

* In collaboration with the AI*IA Association.

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