What is the AI task force?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) task force is an initiative of the Agency for Digital Italy, which aims at studying the opportunities offered by AI to improve public services and to simplify the lives of citizens.

How is the task force composed?

The task force is composed of a thirty-member coordination board, selected after a call launched by AgID in April 2017, and of an open community that provides support and feedback to the work of the coordination board.

What are its objectives?

The task force aims at defining, within a first synthetic report, policy and strategic opportunities for Italian administrations on the use of AI in the development of public services.

What is the task force doing to fulfill its mandate?

The Coordination board meets periodically, at least monthly, personally or remotely. The Coordination board work is supported by community contributions.
The task force is working on producing the draft of the recommendations and selecting the materials shared with the community through ReadTheDocs to collect feedback and suggestions.

How can someone get involved in the work of the task force?

All interested people can contribute to the work of the task force. By participating as part of the community, everyone can provide feedback, suggestions, ideas and report relevant case studies.

Where can I find the advancements of the white paper?

In the “White paper” section, we publish the advancements of the White Paper, shared by the Coordination board and open to the suggestions and integrations that the community may propose.

Is it possible to contribute to the drafting of the White Paper?

The consultation will close on March 12, 2018. You can submit comments and integrations to chapters and challenges (link), or recommendations for the use of AI by filling the form “AI Recommendations” (http://bit.ly/2EWsy7z).

What is the Italian Observatory on Artificial Intelligence?

The Italian Observatory on Artificial Intelligence is an initiative of the AI Task Force in cooperation with the research institute HER – Human Ecosystem Relations. The scope of the Observatory is to collect and analyse public conversations about artificial intelligence on social networks in Italy so to capture the sentiment about AI in the country.

What is the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem?

It is the dynamic mapping of public and private entities that produce and/or use AI solutions in Italy. The Ecosystem is constantly updated with new entities that participate in the survey.

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