Task force

The task force studies how the dissemination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions and technologies can affect the evolution of public services to improve the relationship between public administrations and citizens.

The task force is composed of

A Coordination Board

Thirty multidisciplinary profiles tasked with:

  • coordinating the work of the task force
  • elaborating both the structure and contents of the final document
  • launching coordination sub-groups focussed on specific themes
  • following up the suggestion provided by the community
  • interviewing third parties on the subject


It is open to all those who want to efficiently contribute to the work of the task force. The community provides comments and feedbacks on the activities of the coordination board, and suggests study cases and examples on how Artificial Intelligence can be applied in public services.

What do we expect to achieve

As first output of the Task Force, a white paper will be presented, containing suggestions and recommendations for the Italian public administration on how to adopt Artificial Intelligence solutions and technologies, in order to align itself to the international best practices.

Moreover, the task force shall examine possible pilot projects in order to test the effectiveness of AI services and applications in collaboration with the stakeholders that will decide to participate in the project.

Coordination board

Benedetta Arese Lucini

Giuseppe Attardi

Ernesto Belisario

Marco Bicocchi Pichi

Barbara Caputo

Antonella Cascitelli

Maria Chiara Carrozza

Lorenza Ciprandi

Juan Carlos De Martin

Fernanda Faini

Roberto Fini

Luigi Fiorentino

Emilia Garito

Fabio Gasparetti

Claudio Grego

Salvatore Iaconesi

Sandro Marco Incerti

Domenico Marino

Paolo Merialdo

Alessandro Micarelli

Alessandro Nasini

Manuela Pizzagalli

Eugenio Prosperetti

Stefano Quintarelli

Riccardo Torlone

Barbara Ubaldi

Giuseppe Vaciago

Enrico Verga

Guido Vetere

Alessandro Vitale

The Agency for Digital Italy and the Department for Public Administration

Marco Bani

Head of Technical Secretariat and Communication, AgID

Pia Marconi

Head of Department, Department for Public Administration

Claudio Biancalana

Technical Secretariat, AgID

Enzo Maria Le Fevre

International Relations, AgID

Umberto Rosini

IT Architect and Community, AgID

Mauro Draoli

Innovation Strategies, AgID

Luca Ruggeri

Technical Secretariat, AgID

Patrizio Caligiuri

Head of the Secretariat, Department for Public Administration

Sergio Gambacorta

Technical Secretariat, AgID

Jacopo Gandin

Technical Secretariat and Management, AgID

Glenda Gentili

Technical Secretariat and Management, AgID

Erica Sirgiovanni

Communication and External Relations, AgID

Elio Gullo

DG Innovation and Digitalization Office, Department for Public Administration

Angela Creta

Communication and External Relations, AgID

Giuseppe Ariano

Communication and External Relations, AgID

Giuseppe Mancinelli

Technical Secretariat and Community, AgID

Davide Porrovecchio

Web development, AgID

Daniela De Blasis

Graphic development, AgID

Concettina Cassa

Internet Governance, AgID

Valeria Favasuli

Communication and External Relations, AgID

Francesca Cocomero

International Relations, AgID

Giulio Lepri

Communication and External Relations, AgID

Alessandro Casacchia

Studies and Research, AgID

Elisa Petrucci

International Relations, AgID

Matteo Trapani

Technical Secretariat, AgID

Francesca Grande

Communication and External Relations, AgID

Manuel Ciocci

Technical Secretariat, AgID

Flavia Gamberale

Communication and External Relations, AgID

Marta Falzone

Communication and External Relations, AgID


AI Chatbot, AgID

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